The Artful Discipleship of the Child Soul


    The Artful Discipleship of the Child Soul




    A one-year program that draws out your child’s God-given purpose through powerful coaching conversations and activities that inspire creative expression of their developing identity.

    5 reviews for The Artful Discipleship of the Child Soul

    1. Pat Scott

      Parents, if you’re looking for a faith based enrichment curriculum for your child or children, this is the book for you. The Artful Discipline of the Child Soul provides a yearly plan of parental guided units of study, designed for elementary and middle school age students. The units of study focus on activities that will assist your child in recognizing and becoming aware of his or her passion, purpose and life challenges. The time spent during the learning sessions increases parent/child conversations while developing a closer relationship with God. Your child will understand that he or she is a unique gift from God created with special talents and abilities. In addition to parents, I highly recommend The Artful Discipline of the Child Soul as a resource reference to Sunday School and Christian School teachers.

      ~ Pat Scott, Retired Educator, Philadelphia, PA

    2. Jackson Koch

      I like the stories.

      ~ Jackson Koch, 9 year old

    3. Emily Davis

      I had to take the book away to make him go to sleep. He couldn’t put it down.

      ~ Emily Davis, Jackson’s mom

    4. April Sudler

      I’m so glad that there is a curriculum based on Christianity. Parents need guidance in our very busy world, especially in the early years. You tapped into a child’s creativity – great! and you have structured creative activities. I like the prompts for questioning children. The conversations between parents and children are great. With today’s Social Media and Cell Phones (messaging) there is little verbal communication these days. I am glad that you talk about Dreams.

      ~ April Sudler, Retired Educator, Philadelphia, PA

    5. Michael Johnson

      “This is a great tool for a parent or grandparent to use with their children. I’ve already had two ah-ha moments with my grandchild, and it was awesome! It opens the door for a child to understand the Bible in a new way, discovering their purpose based on the way God made them.”

      ~ Donna Crowell, Children’s Minister and Life

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