How To Discover Your World-changing Idea.

It all began in the most unexpected way. In the dark of night the boy was sound asleep with the window open to the cool breeze. Not a sound from anywhere in his village came to disturb his deep sleep.

Suddenly, he was jolted awake by a voice, “Samuel?”

And so it began. The Voice he would eventually learn to know intimately well, the Voice that would help him find him, and would reveal a world-changing idea. But first the Voice, and the idea would change him.


The Voice Within You.

You have within you an extremely potent, powerful seed.  At the moment it may be quite dormant. In that state it can seem to not exist at all. The seed encompasses the purpose of your life and its unfolding God-given destiny.  When awakened by the Voice it will blossom into a call with greater and greater clarity, with dreams and ideas, passion and desire, empowering, giving purpose to the gifts and abilities you already possess, telling you who you are and why you were born for such a time as this.  The Voice will also give voice to your own unique, signature voice. The voice we all want to hear.

There is nothing more important to you and to your future than to develop your ability to hear that still small Voice within you. All it takes to hear is a willingness to listen, to present yourself before Him every day, as young Samuel did that very first time, and I would imagine he did for the rest of his life, saying, “Here I am Lord, ready to listen.”


Your World Changing Journey.

This begins a series of articles, videos, and short lessons that will show you how to discover the world-changing idea you are meant to contribute.

We sincerely believe that everyone, no matter where they are or what challenges them at the moment can become a world changer—today, this week, this year—and that these micro steps can and will lead them into dreams big and small that will change the world.

So join us if you are ready.

If you are serious, we are serious.

If you will walk with us, we will walk with you.

Become a part, contribute your part, to the formation of an emerging tribe, a generational movement of people in every nation, who with Love and Honor, Vision and Creativity, desire with all their heart to change the world with their dreams.

Oh, and what was the world-changing idea given to young Samuel?  It was that God is Sovereign, and that even though corruption and evil seem to go on forever, God speaks and calls ordinary people, even the very young to change things. He empowers them with everything they need to make the contribution they alone are called to make….and with that, the promise is given: the Voice will be with you always, and He will never leave you alone.


A Powerful Question.

A powerful question to explore is this: What have you heard in your own spirit at different times in your life, that seems to be weaving a thread of purpose, igniting your passion, illuminating a dream or a vision of what might be?  Could it all be part of an awakened call?


A Call To Act.

First, begin to listen much closer than you ever have.  Set a time and place each day to ask, listen, and wait to hear.  Discover related themes when you read the Bible (see some suggestions below). Through those words, ask God to speak what He is saying to you.  Journal what you hear and look back on your notes and over time and the thread of purpose will emerge… and it will only get brighter until that fiery vision burns within you.



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