Changing The World Is An Inside Job

This could change your life.

And if you are not careful, it might change your family, your work, your school, or your church.

God planted deep within our soul a strong desire to change the world. But somewhere along the line that desire got domesticated.  We were told to get in line, become balanced, organize, build, work harder, pursue success formulas.

But works alone, have never changed the world.  Real transformation is inspired from within.

We’re endlessly building, and building, and building…when we should be inspiring.

We don’t build transformational businesses, we inspire them.

We don’t build transformational families, we inspire them.

We don’t build transformational churches, we inspire them.

We don’t build a better world, we inspire it.

The problems of the world are not a failure of organization, or a failure of effort or work, but a failure of inspiration.

Martin Luther King didn’t move the needle of the civil rights movement with organization, he moved it with a dream.

But the key was this:  If it was his dream alone, it would have never created a transformational movement.   His dream inspired the God-given dream in us for a new kind of world, the kind of world we wanted for our children, the kind of world that not only believed all people are created equal, but lived it.

That dream was already planted IN us.  That’s why it deeply resonated with so many people.

Martin Luther King painted a future world in which all people were honored and even treasured as the unique gifts of God they are.

Transformational movements begin with a dream to empower the God-given dreams in others.

That is and will always be the only way to change the world.

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