An online studio for young world changers!

   Starting in September World Changer Studio will open online with print & video lessons in all things creative!   It’s designed to work hand in glove with the Child Soul program.  This weekend it’s now free to parents who wish to sign up early.

Though these lessons and resources are an addition to the Artful Discipleship of the Child Soul book and curriculum, they will tie directly into the themes and general development philosophy of the book.

The Child Soul book and course of study represents the core Purpose Discipleship focus.  The online World Changer Cafe resources will not only provide additional teacher and student resources but will also provide specific instructional lessons in different areas of the Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Creative Writing, Idea Factory, Maker projects, etc.) but always directly tied into the focus and philosophy of Purpose Discipleship.  Membership is currently free (for 4 months) and signups will be open online (and at some state homeschool conventions ) in June 2019.

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