From an early age, dreams come to us as naturally as breathing. A child dreams of super heroes, great adventures, or beautiful prince and princess worlds. Dreams shape personality, values. Dreams mature. They can simmer for years on the back burner without being fully lost.

To dream is the most universal of human drives. “Dream” is an everyday word we say when we paint pictures of our desires, construct meaning and purpose, or express our aspirations, passion, or goals. We cannot help but dream— it’s what moves us forward. It’s part of our design and God gives dreams to nuture our experience and eventually our call to purpose.

The raw material of our adult-sized dreams begins to form when we are young — they’re encouraged, they’re rejected, they get buried, and sometimes, through an event or the influence of another person… dreams are reignited. Whether it be a new idea that engages personal passion or a vision that becomes a movement, it becomes the internal driver that moves purpose forward until it changes things. It changes you. And in big and small ways—but always meaningful ways— God-given dreams can change the world.

Sometimes the dream is heard as a calling. So it was with Joan of Arc, the simple farm girl that heard a voice inside her calling her to “save France.” Boldly she confided in an uncle who provided the needed encouragement and assistance. And as you know, the story ended where it began, a life offered up in answer to a dream, the dream of a girl who gave it all to rally her country to freedom.

Every person, well-known or unknown, who lived a fulfilling life or made a significant impact in the world, can usually remember a moment when their life was turned inside-out, a turning point
when they discovered some sense of who they were and why they were put on the earth. It may have been just a small spark of illumination, but the spark was powerful enough to redirect their energies, and it grew and spread the influential power of the dream to others.

For many it was the seminal moment that reoriented their life away from aimless drifting, reacting without thought to external stimuli that other people and daily events provide. The new inner drive served as an internal compass, providing a roadmap to guide and shape a life no longer aimless.

For me it happened in my early thirties. Prior to a meeting with a gentleman with whom I was exploring a business venture, he asked me to first be interviewed by a colleague of his. To my surprise the interview was nothing I imagined it would be. For over an hour I was asked some of the most engaging, ‘make-you-think’ questions. I found myself pouring out heart-felt answers to powerful questions, forming one insight after another, beginning to assemble the pieces to the puzzle of my life. The interview was over before I knew it. When I met my business friend a week later at an airport café he had the report from my interview. As he began I remember thinking, “Wow, there’s another person on the planet who really knows me.”

I wonder if this is how the disciples of Jesus felt when he looked inside them and called them to their new and higher life. It also made me wonder – what would it be like to have a community where everyone knew how to engage each other in everyday conversations with similar penetrating questions? How many relationships would grow deeper, how many lives would be transformed, how many dreams would be realized if supported in this way? How could a culture like that change our world? What if grandparents and teenagers could “coach” God-given dreams? What if whole communities could be formed around a culture of dream empowerment? That became part of my dream. And the turning point was a dream coach who knew how to ask the right questions.

What you are exploring now is the formation of such a community.

You carry within you soul-satisfying God-given dreams. They may yet to be fully discovered. They may be forgotten or simply buried in the stuff of a busy life. But they are there. They play a compelling part of the reason you are here on earth. Our passion is to hear the great stories of how the God-given purposes of you and your family are making a wonderful, soul-fulfilling difference seeing
dreams come true for you and many others as you change the world!

We sincerely believe we can live lives in the intentional pursuit of our deepest dreams and highest purpose… and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

Explore this site you’ve landed on for the many ways the story of your dreams can be played out with a cast of supporting actors…through meaningful conversation, online or offline, near or far, through peer coaching, dream connections, and of course, real community.

The Development Team at World Changers Cafe

Michael Johnson

Michael’s life calling is evidenced in the focus of his ministry and professional work of over 40 years, creating compelling communication and educational content that empowers the God-given dreams of people, families, churches and mission organizations. Michael has a passionate vision for child development and coaching. He’s been a homeschool “Papa” over two generations, grandpa to 11, father of three, and husband of one beautiful wife.

Bob Harman

Bob Harman graduated from the College of William & Mary with a B.S. in Biology. Bob has been involved discipleship for 40 years as a pastor, campus minister, Bible teacher, and author. He was also a police officer for 28 of those years. His passion is to see new believers established in their faith, in the U.S. and around the world. He and his wife have two daughters and two grandsons.

Dale Scott

Dale Scott graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.A. in Social Psychology. She’s been involved in homeschooling since 1975, including homeschooling her three sons from K-12. She has taught literature and composition classes at homeschool co-ops for ten years, substituted in the public school system, and currently teaches writing online with The Well Trained Mind Academy.

Mark Stannard

Mark Stannard has worked in education and mental health for 12 years, and has pastored and counseled for 35 years. Mark’s passion is for people everywhere to experience the ongoing reality of the Father’s love. His primary calling has been mentoring and discipling people to walk in their unique gifting and purpose in Christ. He and his wife are parents of four and grandparents to five.


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