The Artful
of the Child Soul


A program that draws out your child’s God-given purpose through powerful coaching conversations and activities that inspire creative expression of their developing identity.

One school-year, 8 or 16 weeks,
or complete at your own pace.

Monthly Themes









Program Elements

Parent /Teacher Guide

Parent-Child Coaching Conversations

Inspiring Stories

Art & Music Projects

Student-directed Creative Expression Projects

Parent’s Blessings


*Hardcopy, spiral-bound version available

Create a New Meaningful Bond With Your Child.

Through Engaging Conversations About Their Dreams and Interests Then Expressed Through Their Own Giftedness.

With a Focus On

Bible / Art & Music

Purposeful Discipleship & Creative Expression

Key Outcomes

“This is a great tool for a parent or grandparent to use with their children. I’ve already had two ah-ha moments with my grandchild, and it was awesome! It opens the door for a child to understand the Bible in a new way, discovering their purpose based on the way God made them.”


Masterpiece Discovery is a one-year, 8-unit curriculum that combines Purpose Discipleship with individual Creative Expression. It’s available as a Digital download for $29.95 which allows for the printing of lessons and student activities.  It is the new name for Artful Discipleship Of The Child Soul (same book, new name) which is available as a coil-bound, printed version ($39.95 + S&H) you can have shipped to you.

It can be used as a supplement to standard subjects of Bible & the Arts.

A disciple is a follower. Discipleship is the process of learning to follow Christ. Purpose Discipleship is the process of learning how we were uniquely designed by God and called to a fulfilling life of singular purpose.

Purpose Discipleship focuses on awakening a child’s sense of purpose and strengthening their unique identity by engaging their innate passion, giftedness, and God-given dreams, which is also a powerful way to motivate and give purpose to all subjects (including Bible).

Masterpiece Discovery adds the important dimension of Creative Expression to awaken and develop a lifelong love of creativity (and dispel the lie that only some people are creative). More importantly, by walking out the unit themes with personal creative expressions of their choosing, it memorializes those themes and truths in an unforgettable, deeply personal way.

The value of Coaching and employing Powerful Questions for learning and parenting in general is well established. Jesus modeled this best. Questions invite reflection and deep engagement resulting in a much higher degree of retention and personal transformation. Powerful questions, affirmations, and blessings draw out God-given motivations and purpose which can awaken a stronger desire for learning as well.

One of the key differences between Purpose Discipleship and traditional discipleship is that the latter puts the emphasis on competencies related to information and spiritual norms and habits. Purpose discipleship emphasizes heart inspiration, connecting personal calling (hearing God) to identity and destiny (purpose). Christianity differs from religion in that it has for each of us a destination…it is going somewhere. God tells us he has a unique plan for every one of us—in fact, all our days were planned. Yet most of us grew up thinking that Christianity’s primary message was about morals and mastering certain spiritual habits instead of fanning the flame God put inside us and allowing that to fuel our journey as God intended.

If it were me, I’d take a minimum of one-year off from traditional Bible instruction only, and mine the wells of their spirit with Masterpiece Discovery. In reality it is much more fundamental to their walk than what traditional Bible teaching has been for most. It’s true that Bible knowledge is essential and can be stored up for later, but without igniting their soul early and connecting them deeply with the Giver of all their dreams, most kids lose a significant portion of their lives, and sadly some never return.

Create a New
Meaningful Bond
With Your Child.

Through Engaging Conversations About Their Dreams and Interests Then Expressed Through Their Own Giftedness.

Purpose of This Curriculum

Most of the educational process is the learning of skills and information. While that’s important there’s another important aspect of education — a child’s soul— developed primarily from within through dreams, inspiration and imagination and their call to purpose.

Albert Einstein once said, “Intelligence will take you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere.”

We want our children to be problem solvers who make the world a better place. Thus it is our duty and part of the educational process to protect and steward their imaginations.

Creativity is the nature of God. He created the universe and everything in it. Because we are made in His image, we are also creative beings. Each one of us is God’s creative work, with our own unique set of talents, abilities, and passions. Part of the process of discipleship is first discovering and then developing and using our own unique God-given abilities and passions. This process is the often omitted part of the educational process.

In fact, children are much more motivated to learn skills and information when they see a purpose for it. Every parent has heard the cry, “Why do I have to learn this?” If God-given design is discovered early and attached to purpose, there will be a meaningful and ready answer for that cry. When a child sees a skill or body of information as necessary for his purpose in life, he will be motivated and the learning will be more efficient.

Childhood is the time for dreaming and discovering their talents and aptitudes. If a child learns to value his own uniqueness and believe in his dreams, he will be better able to face the challenges of life without giving up his potential.

This curriculum is a guide for parents as they shepherd their children through this process. It is intended to help the parent draw out from the child their God-given dreams and calling to purpose.

Parenting From The Heart And Image Of Their Creator